From the first question to final delivery, we will help you make your Family Photo Night Fundraiser a huge success.  We believe that a customer’s positive experience and satisfaction is just as important as the product we offer.



Tobin- takes the shots

Tobin is an award winning photographer with over 8 years of experience shooting commercially for companies like Ivviva and LifeLabs, celebrity portraits, corporate headshots, lifestyle, family and now specializes in {modern glamour} photography.  Tobin has an amazing gift of not just taking a beautiful photo but actually capturing peoples essence.   You won’t here Tobin ask you to say “cheese” or to “smile for the camera” but be prepared for some knock-knock jokes!


Sarah- calls the shots

Sarah is the woman behind the curtain calling the shots at phoTobin photography.  Sarah is stepping back from the front lines to focus on the big picture and her little ones (Tobin and Sarah have been married for over 16 years and have 2 mini versions of themselves).  Along with meal planning and business planning, Sarah also loves managing the proofs, printing and packaging of the beautiful photos Tobin produces.